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My Favorite Safe Skin and Beauty Products for the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mom

MAMAS…. Are you exhausted looking for products you can use that are safe for you and your baby?  UGH, I was in that exact same boat for what seems like forever.  I searched everywhere for the safest and most effective products while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. There are so many products out there that us mamas should avoid using when we are breastfeeding and pregnant.  Some of the ingredients I chose to avoid or use sparingly were: Disclaimer:  I…

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Do These Baby Products Come in My Size?

Hey there mamas, mamas to be, and all those gals who just like hearing about baby things. (That was totally me for years :)) I wanted to put together a post featuring four different items from different brands that I am so excited to use with our baby boy!  Things that I seriously wish came in adult sizes.  Although, I imagine it wouldn’t neccesarily be publically acceptable to be swaddled in a Dock a Tot or laying side to side in…

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Gender Reveal & a Letter to Our Baby

This past weekend, Ross and I celebrated our gender reveal with all of our closest family and friends.  We had been anticipating this day ever since we found out we were pregnant!  We both agreed that this was one of the best days of our lives because….we found out we’re having a baby BOY! Ross and I have been imagining our life with both a girl and a boy.  We’ve picked out names, we’ve thought about the little personalities our boy or girl may…

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