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Our Honeymoon- Fun, Water, and Lots of Quesadillas

Why the title?  Fun, water, and quesadillas are my first three thoughts when I think back to our honeymoon…seriously. 🙂   Ross and I were married on June 18th, 2016, and a few days later, we were landing in Los Cabos, Mexico! We had been looking forward to our honeymoon for over a year, and soon enough, the day came.  When Ross and I arrived at our resort, we were taken back by the beauty.  There were flowers I hadn’t ever seen…

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Beach Vacation in Saint Augustine with Bayfront Marin House

Ross and I just got back from an amazing beach vacation in Saint Augustine. It was so relaxing and just what we needed! We stayed at The Bayfront Marin House, and was it ever beautiful! The yellow house was charming, historic, and beyond gorgeous. Walking up, we saw colorful flowers in every direction, a view of the water, and smiling faces! So, from the moment we walked in, I was glad to call Bayfront Marin my temporary home. Bayfront Marin…

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