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New Year – New Us

THIS POST WAS SPONSORED BY SPECIALTY RETAILERS, INC. Every single January, we set out to be a better version of ourselves.  Working out, seeing the world in a positive light, and freshening up our home decor is usually at the top of our lists. Our little family is no different.  January gets us excited to start fresh and really focus on our goals for the year. I am so excited to parter up with Gordmans and bring you all the…

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Shopping Fun at Gordmans

WHO LOVES A GOOD DEAL!?  Okay ladies, you know when I go shopping, I always look for great deals. But like…who doesn’t? Haha! Today, I am so excited to share with you, a post sponsored by Gordmans! When I went to Purdue for college, I was ALWAYS looking for new stylish clothes, cute things for my apartment, and anything and everything that I would need day to day.  One day while checking out the town, I found Gordmans andddd life…

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My Wedding: Part Two* Walking Down the Aisle to the Last Dance

Hello beautiful and welcome to part two of my wedding day.   Hopefully you’ve already read part one.  <– Linked here From Happily Single to Happily Married Series First Dates Knowing He’s the One Planning a Wedding Wedding Day – Part One * From Hair and Makeup to Walking Down the Aisle Wedding Day – Part Two* Walking Down the Aisle to the Last Dance Last time, I left off at the moments just before my mom and I descended down the…

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