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My Favorite Safe Skin and Beauty Products for the Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mom

MAMAS…. Are you exhausted looking for products you can use that are safe for you and your baby?  UGH, I was in that exact same boat for what seems like forever.  I searched everywhere for the safest and most effective products while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. There are so many products out there that us mamas should avoid using when we are breastfeeding and pregnant.  Some of the ingredients I chose to avoid or use sparingly were: Disclaimer:  I…

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A Letter to the Husband of a Breastfeeding Wife

Dear Dads, Before you roll your eyes when your wife hands over her phone, hear me out… Your wife is AMAZING!  She spends her entire day feeding your baby and when she isn’t feeding your baby, you can probably find her pumping. It may seem super easy that she gets to “lay down” and feed or pump, but to be honest…..IT’S PROBABLY THE HARDEST THING SHE’S EVER HAD TO DO on both her mind and her body. Why does she…

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