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Hair Care Routine

Hey ladies!  I’m so excited to finally share my hair care routine with you!  I’ve tried so many different products, but am happy to bring you the products and tips I’ve found that help grow my hair to be long and healthy. Listed below are the products and specific brands I use: Coconut oil, Moroccan Oil Shampoos I love:  Restore Shampoo, Color Maintenance Shampoo,  Nutrient Rich Shampoo Conditioners/Hair Masks I love: Nourishing Hair Mask, Strengthening Conditioner, Hydrating Conditioner Hair Brush  Tangle Spray Frizz Spray Blow Dry…

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My First Post EVER

Hi everyone and welcome to the first blog I’ve ever written!  I never thought that I would  have a blog because I never knew what to say or how to say it.  I also asked myself if anyone would ever really care what I had to say anyway.  Eventually, after I got over those two things, I decided to do it!  Whether only myself and my husband read it, (he’s the best) or the whole world, I was going to do something I…

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