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18 Things I’ve Learned Throughout the First Year of Marriage

You learn a lot throughout your first year of marriage.   Some things you expect, while others you never see coming.   In this post, I’ve outlined eighteen things I’ve learned during this first year of marriage.  You may be wondering why I chose the number eighteen.  Well, Ross and I were married on the 18th of June, so naturally, 18 was the magical number. This first year of marriage has been amazing, sometimes hard, definitely emotional, but ALWAYS worth it.…

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Summer Time Skin

Summer equals sun, fun, and tans!  Every summer I always am looking for a great skincare routine for my body.  I need lotion, body wash, and cream that soothes sunburnt skin, helps to heal, and of course anti-ages! 🙂 Ever since I was young, my skin has always had problems staying healthy and hydrated.  Like for real…when I was younger, my friends used to say that I had “snake skin”.  I was always so embarrassed and often times wouldn’t feel comfortable…

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Bucket List Adventures – Hot Air Balloon Ride

My entire life I’ve dreamed of riding in a hot air balloon.  As a child, I remember looking up in the sky as all the balloons flew overhead and telling myself that one day I would be in one of those balloons.   I’ve always marveled at how beautiful the balloons were, and wondered how incredible it would be to be above the land that I live on every day.  In fact, on my very first date with Ross I told…

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