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Gender Reveal & a Letter to Our Baby

This past weekend, Ross and I celebrated our gender reveal with all of our closest family and friends.  We had been anticipating this day ever since we found out we were pregnant!  We both agreed that this was one of the best days of our lives because….we found out we’re having a baby BOY!

Ross and I have been imagining our life with both a girl and a boy.  We’ve picked out names, we’ve thought about the little personalities our boy or girl may have, and we’ve pictured what they will look like.  But nothing is more amazing than the moment you find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl!  It’s like…he became real.  He became our world in a matter of seconds.  We could finally say his name, we could finally picture our lives with him, and we could finally giggle like children about our hopes and dreams for our sweet baby boy.

On the flip side, I do miss the thought of a precious baby girl.  I’ve built them both so much up in my head, that I knew no matter what, a little piece of me would be sad that the other hasn’t arrived…yet.  I knew that whether we were having a baby boy or a baby girl, I would feel a little tug at my heart for the other baby Ross and I had envisioned. So, baby girl…we’ve got plans for you, you just have to wait. 🙂

Below, I wanted to write my first letter to our baby boy, that way one day… he can read his first note from his mom, who’s already head over heels for him.

Dear Baby Boy,

Your dad and I are already so in love with you and you’re not even here yet.  You’re all we think about, you’re all we talk about, and you’re all we dream about.  Last night as I laid in bed thinking about you, I wondered what you’ll like to do, what foods you’ll like to eat, what sports you’ll want to play, (dad says baseball and football :)) and what your life will be like.  I wondered if you’ll be sassy like me or gentle like your dad.   I wondered if you’ll have the humor of your uncles.  I wondered if you’ll be the life of the party like your grandmas.   I wondered if you’ll be as hard working as your grandpas.  No matter who you turn out to be, I know you’ll be just perfect.  You have one amazing daddy and if you’re anything like him, I’ll be the luckiest woman on the planet.  Your daddy is my hero and I’m sure he’ll be yours too. We are so excited to meet you!


<3 Your Mom

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