Valentine’s Day Gifts for Hubby and Baby

Hey mamas,

I asked if you wanted a quick blog post listing some of my favorite gift ideas that are cute and affordable.  And, OF COURSE, you all were all about it.

Valentine’s Day is admittedly one of my favorite holidays.  I know some think of it as a “Hallmark Holiday”, but I see it as another day to celebrate LOVE.  I guess I’m a romantic that way.

Below are a bunch of gift ideas for that sweet hubby and those squishy babies of yours!   Oh and Ross…if you’re reading this…





Gift Ideas for the Hubs

Pic: Humor Us Home Goods

Coffee Mug – This is seriously the cutest/funniest mug ever.  & it’s a good reminder to hubs. 🙂

Pic: River Oak Studio

Starry Sky Print-  You can capture the way the stars looked on a special night that means something to you and your husband!  I actually had one of these made for Ross as a gift last year.  You type in the date and the coordinates of your location and boom, there you have it.  We ended up doing our wedding location and it is now one of our favorite little pieces of home decor!

Pic: Digital Alice

Custom Sheet Music-  This has to be one of my favorite ideas!  You can print the sheet music of a song that’s meaningful to you as a couple.  “I Can’t Wait” by Ben Rue would definitely be the song I would chose, because that’s the song we danced to at our wedding.

***This would also be a great idea to put in a nursery.  Rhett’s favorite song is “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran, so I’m thinking I need this for him too. 🙂 ***

Robe-  I feel like if Ross saw this he would laugh immediately & think I was joking.  He is NOT a robe guy.  However….if I did buy this for him, I have a feeling he’d turn into one.  They’re just so comfy and cozy & I’m sure he’d throw it on once to make me feel better for buying it and then fall in love.  ….I think I’m going to just go ahead and try this experiment to see what happens. I’ll let cha know. 🙂

Question a Day Journal-  This one is definitely in my cart.  Every night, you sit down as a couple and answer one question.  This is an opportunity to get deep and continue growing together.   If you click the link, it shows a bunch of questions it asked inside.  “What is one thing you would change about your day?  When I spend time alone, I feel _______.  I worry about _____.”

I truly feel like these conversation starters can lead to deep and meaningful conversations.  Making this a priority and nightly routine adds in that quality conversation and this has to be one of my favorite gift ideas!

Gift Ideas for the Babes-

Pic: Jean Marzollo

Heart Board Book– Okay, I have to admit… I’ve already given this book to Rhett and he LOVES it!  The board book is full of hearts and is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Pic: Bella Tunno

Silicone Teether–  Ohmahgosh!  This is the cutest teether ever and I actually love the green color!

Pic: Little Fruit Tree Shop

Valentine Onesie-  Okay….this is the perfect outfit ever for baby.  I love that you can dress it up however you wish and that it’s simple!  My kind of go to!


Pic: Bannor Toys

Wood Heart Stacking Rings-  These little heart rings are perfect!  Rhett loves his stacking rings!  I’m always super careful though and don’t let him play with the smallest ones quite yet! <3


Pic: Jhana Threads

Conversation Heart Romper:  I had to add this one in for those sweet baby girls.  This is ADORABLE! AHHHHHH!

Pic: Little Bubbers

Baby Beanies-  Well, if these aren’t just the cutest little baby beanies in the world.  They are calling Rhett’s naaaaaame!!!!

Pic: Lulujo Baby

Heart Muslin Swaddle Blanket-  I adore this black and white print because it’s totally gender neutral.  Swaddles are usually seen as just a newborn essential, but I LOVE using muslin blankets with Rhett still.  They’re perfect for restaurants, laying them on floor for him to roll around on in someone else’s home, and we use them for carts/high chairs!  Come to mama, cutie!

Pic: Yasemin Knits

Wooden Teether iPhone-  Rhett is obsessed with my phone, which I hear is a baby thing in general, haha!  How cute are these little wooden teethers.  Maybe this will help?  Here’s to hoping. 🙂


Colorful Wooden Blocks-  Baby’s first blocks!  You can’t beat these colorful little guys!  Made for babies 6 months & up!

Pic: Nordstrom

Bottle Case-  This Mickey Mouse bottle case is so convenient.  You throw your bottle in the carrier and can attach it to the diaper bag!  I can’t believe we don’t already have one of these handy!


Hope this quick post gives you a few gift ideas for those special babes in your life! And remember — its not really about the gifts, but all about the love.  Unless, of course, your hubs doesn’t get you a gift….then lets be real….he’s sleeping on the couch. hahahhaa!



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