Toddler’s Night Time Routine

Rhett’s night time routine is finally pretty consistent!  There are small changes here and there, but this routine has worked so well for him.

Around 6:15, we start Rhett’s nighttime routine by telling him that we’re going “upstairs”.  He then has to say goodbye to everything downstairs.  “Bye balls, bye forks, bye birds, bye Mickey, bye Buzz, bye dogs.” Haha!

As Rhett climbs the stairs, he is very adamant that both Ross and I go up with him.  Otherwise he will yell, “dada come!” or “mama come!”  –little stinker! 🙂

We go straight to his room and get him changed into his cute little pajamas.  I give Rhett a little mini massage with a safe baby oil and sing his favorite song, “Twinkle Twinkle.”

Next is “teef”.  We brush his little teethers and lately he has been hating it.  Ugh.

Then we usually read a few books or throw them…. I mean, either way, haha.  *He’s in this stage now where he wants to throw everything and then say “fall” (pretending it just fell…no, lol).*

After we read a book or play for a few minutes, we watch “Buzz” aka Toy Story.

Usually during this time I spend about 15 minutes cleaning up the upstairs, taking a shower myself, or doing my own skincare routine.

After I’m done, I’ll cuddle with little man for about 10 minutes and watch Toy Story for the millionth time. AHHHH! Pretty sure we know every line by now, haha.

Lastly, we carry little man to his room and say our prayers.

We tell him we love him about a million times and he blows us a kiss.

We gently set him down and he pops his little thumb right in his mouth for bedtime.

Ross and I quickly tiptoe out and then enjoy the rest of the night finishing up work, watching a m0vie, or eating chips and queso in bed. 🙂

Rhett’s nighttime routine is super simple and easy, just the way we like it.  We first started letting him watch TV before bed back in December.  I was SO against at first, but realize that sometimes you have to pick your battles.  And… I have to admit, I really love the fact that every night we get a bit of cuddle time. 🙂


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