The Story of Our New Puppy, Gemma!

Ross has been trying to convince me to get a dog for over a year.  Honestly, I always thought the timing was off.

And then one night in March, he brought it up again.  I secretly had been thinking about it too.  We’d been discussing what types of dogs we might like and whether we wanted a girl/boy, etc.

That same night he brought it up again, we decided we were getting a dog!  Ha!

We were deciding between a Golden Doodle and another Scottie.  One of my roommates in college had a Golden Doodle and he was the sweetest dog ever.   Ross and I also had a Scottish Terrier (Caden) previously and we loved him to the moon.

Honestly, I felt a little odd getting another Scottie though.  We love Caden so much and having another dog of the same breed, would just tug at my heart.  I literally tear up even writing this.  We miss Caden so much.

Ross had Caden before we met.  Right when I met Caden, he instantly became my buddy.  Ross and I raised him together for about four years until he was diagnosed with cancer. 🙁  We tried doing treatments and they definitely gave him a longer life, but we eventually had to put him down soon after Rhett was born.  Caden was in a diaper and could hardly function anymore.

Okay, now actual tears are rolling down my face.  He was just so special to us.

Anyways, I knew having another Scottie would be hard for Ross and I.  So after lots of research on golden doodles and kiddos, we decided a golden doodle would be best for our family!

We put a deposit on a golden doodle pup the next day, and here we are!

Ross and I were the last family to put a deposit down, which meant that we were the last ones to pick a puppy.  I had to think through that, knowing that we would get the puppy no one else chose.  I was talking with my mom and realized that we would get the puppy that needed the most love.  And secretly, we knew the last puppy would be the luckiest… because he/she will definitely live the life of a queen/king, haha!

So, we didn’t know the color of her/his coat, nor the gender at the time of the deposit or on the morning we brought her home.

Puppy day came and when we arrived, our little Gemma girl (previously named “Biscuit”, which is now her middle name) was running around.  The first thing she did was put her little paws up and gave me a kiss.  We knew she was the one right then and there.  She was waiting for us!

We brought her home that day!  Ever since, Ross and I just can’t fathom how no one else picked her.  She is so calm, sweet, outgoing, and fun!  She is so patient with Rhett and loves cuddles!

As of right now her favorite things include:  chewing on our rug, cuddles, running in the yard, peeing on the carpet, yelping if we walk even a few feet away, and giving lots of kisses

We’re currently working on crate training and walking on a leash.

Next step, hiring a dog trainer.

We love our Gemma girl and could not be more thankful that she chose us to be her family! <3

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