Shopping Fun at Gordmans

WHO LOVES A GOOD DEAL!?  Okay ladies, you know when I go shopping, I always look for great deals. But like…who doesn’t? Haha! Today, I am so excited to share with you, a post sponsored by Gordmans!

When I went to Purdue for college, I was ALWAYS looking for new stylish clothes, cute things for my apartment, and anything and everything that I would need day to day.  One day while checking out the town, I found Gordmans andddd life changed, ha!  Gordmans is a store that prides themselves on big deals for small prices.  They even offer a *lowest price guarantee*, meaning you won’t be able to find the products they sell at a cheaper price.  Once I walked in for the first time, I knew that Gordmans was where I would go for all my beauty, fashion, and home decor needs.

I can’t count the number of times I walked into Gordmans, found a billion things I was and wasn’t looking for (ha) and came out with bags and bags full of clothes, jewelry, home decor, and perfume.  I kind of felt guilty, but then I told myself, “But you got it for a deal, girl.” That little phrase always makes me feel better. 🙂

Nowadays, the closest Gordmans to me is still Lafayette.  But, secrets out, I still go to Gordmans every time I go to Purdue!  I love stocking up on all my favorites and feeling good about always getting a deal.





I am so excited to hear that Gordmans is opening up their new stores in Seymour and Madison, Indiana, TODAY (August 16th, 2018).  If you’re not an Indiana gal, you can check out to find the location nearest you.

Next time I go to Gordmans, I will be sure to post some instastories of the store.  But…luckily they sent a bunch of fun products my way and I featured all the goodies in my instastories today.  Check them out to see some examples of all the fun things Gordmans carries!  And go find a Gordman girl, get cho shop on!

Until next time,


This post is sponsored by Specialty Retailers, Inc, but all the content, ideas and opinions are all my own.

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