Pregnancy Update

I’M PREGNANT!  18 (19 weeks tomorrow) weeks pregnant to be exact, and we could not be any happier!

These 18 weeks have gone by so fast, but at other times…so slow.

We are so grateful to be bringing a new amazing human into this world.  Ross and I literally tear up just thinking about it.

I wanted to write a little update about the past 18 weeks of pregnancy!  I feel a little behind this time though, I wrote a 15 week update last time with Rhett.  It was honestly so fun to reread that and look back on what was the same and what changed during this pregnancy.

Week 3 — I knew I was pregnant.  (But not technically) During both pregnancies I got really nauseous around week three.  It only happened two or three times and for short durations.  I would get super queasy and smells would really bother me.  I remember it happening at work and how excited I got to be nauseous, haha!  I texted Ross and said, “I think I’m pregnant!”  Of course…I wasn’t for sure, but us both knowing this happened last time was an immediate clue!

Week 4— It is official!  I’m PREGNANT!  I took the test while Ross was helping my family move.  I told Ross I wasn’t going to take the test for a few days because I wanted to surprise him in case I was pregnant.  I met my whole family at a pizza place and it was SOOOO hard not saying anything.  In those few hours it was just me that knew, kind of fun!  🙂  When Rhett and I got home I put his “Big Brother” shirt on while we waited for Ross to arrive. After a few seconds Ross noticed, and the tears started streaming down both of our faces.  We were SO overjoyed!  Words can’t explain the happiness.

Week 5 to 7  I felt completely myself.  I hadn’t really noticed changes other than the excitement I felt!

Week 7-11 SOOOOO SICK!  Like, throwing up multiple times a day and just wanting to lay in bed sick.  I would get home from work and lay on the couch for the rest of the night.  I cried most days because I felt terrible not being able to fully pay attention and play with Rhett.  Rhett and I watched a lot of tv and waited for daddy to come home.  I couldn’t make food, I could hardly go a few hours without throwing up, and I was just so exhausted.

Week 11-16 I finally started taking an extra vitamin and a doctor recommended medicine to help with the nausea.  It helped, but I still felt nauseous most days.  I started getting a little energy back but still overall didn’t feel well most days.

Week 16-18 I felt better than I had since most of the pregnancy.  I stopped taking medicine, but still felt nauseous at some point most days.

Week 18 My belly started to harden! I’m pretty sure I am feeling tiny little kicks here and there.  Something else new is that I can see my heartbeat in my belly.  I asked my doctor about it and she said it can happen since so much more blood is running through my body.  It’s a really weird thing to feel and see, ha!  I am starting to feel a little better, although I do still throw up off and on.  I notice as long as I get up and do things, rather than lay around all day…I do much better!

Overall, this pregnancy has been a lot harder the second time around.  But, we are so grateful and happy that baby girl will be joining our family this Spring!

We go to our 20 week appointment soon and are so so excited to see her! Keep growing baby girl, we are so excited to meet you!




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