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Hi Mama! I’m so excited to share my favorite pregnancy products with you.  Three years ago, I posted a blog sharing all the pregnancy products I used during my first pregnancy as well as some of the ingredients it’s best to avoid during pregnancy.  I will link that post here.  It is still one of my most read posts to this day.

I wanted to share an update of all the products I am using during my second pregnancy.  Let me just tell you that I am SUPER PSYCHO when it comes to what I put on my body.  So, you may choose to make different choices and that’s okay!

I figured listing them is most beneficial for everyone.  If you have a specific question about a product, feel free to message me.  I’m going to start an instastory series in which I go through each product in detail every week.  (I’ll try to review two products a week). Afterwards, I will make a highlight on Instagram and save them all there.

Also, *the most beneficial website ever for pregnancy is linked here.*  I check every product I use on her site, down to my chapstick. Please bookmark this site and use it whenever you’re looking up a product.  It is THE BEST!

Here, I am linking  Dr. Christine’s (Pediatric Critical Care Doctor) list of ingredients you should not use while pregnant.

**Please note, I am not a doctor.  If you have any specific questions regarding safety of products, please consult your physician.**

Before I share the list, I wanted to write a couple notes that you may find important.

Important Information

  • I am extremely cautious the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  I basically try to avoid as many products as possible.  I think about what I really NEED and put everything else aside.   For example, I didn’t wear foundation those first 12 weeks and rarely do now. Can you wear foundation?  OF COURSE! 🙂 It was just something I could easily take away from my routine.  Less chemicals and less products.  Told you I was psycho. 🙂
  • According to the Pediatric Critical Care Doctor, Christine (I linked her website above), waxes, powders, certain hair care products, and mascara are all products that you don’t necessarily need to worry about.  These products do not absorb into your body.
  • Hair care:  it’s important to look into anything that sits on your scalp. (shampoos, hair masks).  Otherwise, hair sprays, conditioners, etc. should be okay since your hair doesn’t absorb those products into your body.
  • Nail Polish:  Being honest here, I avoid nail polish at all costs during the first trimester.  Mainly because of two ingredients *formaldehyde (known carcinogen) and TSFR*.  The FDA states that the nail is a barrier and does not allow products to absorb into the body.  *Dr. Christine agrees.*  However, a study done by the Environmental Working Group and Duke University found otherwise.  Their study concluded that TPHP (a chemical used in plastics and in many nail polishes) did in fact show up in the bodies of all participants soon after they painted their nails.
    • With all of that being said, I do plan on painting my toenails come spring time.  I will do it outside so I don’t have to worry about inhaling any chemicals.  In the meantime, I plan on buffing my finger nails to make them shiny and glossy.

*The links below are affiliate links.  I very much appreciate when you use them as it helps to support my blog and little fam. :)*

Below are the products I use during pregnancy:


  • belly butter: here
  • body lotion:  here
  • face cream:  here  15% off with the code:  katesnumberones
  • facial oil:  here
  • cleanser: here
  • eye cream:  here
  • facial spray:  here
  • eye balm:  here  15% off with the code:  katesnumberones

Side note:  I also use this jade roller every single morning and night.  It is SUPER relaxing for this pregnant mama.  It depuffs, destresses, helps with fine lines/wrinkles, and adds a cooling sensation to refresh your face.


  • foundation:  here
  • mascara:  here
  • blush:  here
  • bronzer:  here
  • chapstick:  here
  • lipstick:  I try to avoid lipstick as much as possible because of the amount of natural lead they contain.  However, I will use it occasionally.  The FDA conducted a study and found that Mac was one of the companies that showed no lead.  When I do use lipstick, this is the one I use.  (I wore this on my wedding day too, so it’s super special 🙂 )
  • eyebrows:  here
  • highlighter:  here

Hair Care:

  • shampoo:  Beauty Counter
  • conditioner:  Beauty Counter
    • I hate saying this, but I don’t really like the shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using. I looooove Beauty Counter, but the shampoo/conditioner does not make my hair shiny and healthy like other hair care products I’ve tried.  I’m going to do a bit more research and will update you on the shampoo/conditioner combo I try next.
  • dry shampoo:  The first 12 weeks I used Organically Wonderful Dry shampoo.  I love it still, but it is in powder form, so it takes longer to do. I switched over to this.  When I spray it, I hold my breath quickly and run away for a minute or two before going back into the room.  I also make sure that no one else is in that room to inhale the fumes. (I do this whether or not I’m pregnant.)


  • nail polish: here
  • deodorant:  Just Ingredient’s (Vanilla Mint)  *It is not on the website mentioned above, however, I’ve done my own research and feel it is safe for me to use.
  • toothpaste:  here
  • perfume:  I don’t use perfume/body spray in the first trimester.  For the second and third I only use an all natural/essential oil blend body spray from Ambre Blends (in the ambre scent).  Once you smell this stuff, you’ll never go back to perfume.  I also do not spray it directly on my skin.
    • They do have oils you can apply directly to the skin.  I choose to use the oils when I’m not pregnant.
  • sugar scrub: this is the one I have been using.  However, I’ll probably get a different one once I’m finished using it.  After all, it’s not pumpkin season anymore. 🙂

I do not use teeth whitening gels or sunless tanners while pregnant.

Ending note:  Please know that you are a great mama no matter what you decide to use or not use.  We all have different opinions on what we think is best.  I’m no where near perfect…in fact, I just had a huge lunch from Wendy’s.  I know that probably wasn’t the*healthiest* decision I’ve ever made haha. 🙂

Love to ya, mama!


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