Nighttime Routine with a Baby

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My nightly routine has definitely changed since becoming a mama.  I always joke with Ross about how I used to come home, run upstairs, wash my face, and literally fall into bed on the nights where I was super tired.  Now, its a whoooole process because we have another little human to take care of. 🙂

Rhett is NOT a sleeper, he likes to be up with mommy and play, play, play, so we take our nightly routine veryyyy seriously, ha.  Many of you have been asking about our nightly routine, how Rhett sleeps, and how mama sleeps too! So, here it issss!

We start out our nightly routine by bringing little bubs into our room, changing him, and wrapping him up in his favorite swaddle.  We are currently swaddling him with his arms out because he’s starting to roll a bit, ahhh!  Next, we put on his Owlet Smart Sock and turn on the base station (read more about that below).  Then, I feed him and he usually gets pretty sleepy at that point.  Finally, we share some snuggles, turn on his music, (he listens to lullabies…which means we have to listen to lullabies all night too…. insert crying emoji here, haha!) give him a big “I love you”, and place him in his bassinet.

Usually he’ll fall asleep on his own if he hasn’t already, in about ten minutes.  Otherwise, we’ll sing him songs and rub his little head.  He really likes listening to John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and other similar artists.  I find that adorable, while Ross is still trying to convince him to get into country music, tehehe! Right when Rhett lays down, I always get on the Owlet app and check to make sure it’s working and ready to go for the night.  This smart sock has CHANGED MAHHH LIFE!  Seriously, if we didn’t have the Owlet, I really would be a mess.  The sock completely takes away my worries because it tracks his heart rate and his oxygen levels as we all sleep.  Instead of having to hover over him and make sure everything is okay, I can just look at my app or the base station, making sure it’s green, which means he’s safe. If something were to be off, the Owlet app sends an alert to your phone and the base station alarm goes off.  And, oh boy, it will definitely wake you up!  The app literally takes away my worries, because I know that if anything were to happen out of the ordinary, I would be alerted immediately.

I have had so much peace of mind using the sock that I could cry.  This sock has been the most valuable baby essential we have.  At first, I was a little worried that it might make me more nervous, but instead it has eased all my worries because I can look at my app or the base station and know he’s okay.

We’ve used it since night one at home and will continue to use it for a long time.  Luckily, Owlet has different sizes of the socks, so they will grow with him.  He’s already used his so much, we’ve worn a little hole in the fabric, haha! A true sign that we love it!

The Owlet is definitely a higher price point, but I promise it IS worth it.  Especially if you’re crazy like me and could stand over his bassinet for hours making sure he’s safe.  It’s not only helped him, but truly has allowed Ross and I to get better sleep.

Thank you Owlet for allowing our little family to rest easy.

If you have any questions about the sock, feel free to drop a comment below and I would love to answer!

Until next time mamas,


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