Mom Household Hacks and Must Have Products

Mamas!  Let’s chat about mom household hacks and must haves!

There are so many things I’ve learned since becoming a momma, and I can’t wait to share them with you.

When we become moms, so many things in our lives change.  We start to think more about the products we use, how clean our homes are for the babes, and what hacks we can use to makes things just a tiny bit easier.

The day I brought Rhett home, I have to admit, I was a complete psycho with the cleaning.  I wanted everything to be perfect and didn’t want a speck of dirt on the floor (just in case he would get near it, haha).

As time has gone on, I’ve loosened up a little, but still only choose products to use in our home that we feel good about.

Below, I am going to share a few household cleaning hacks and some MUST have products that will make your home squeaky clean AND you’ll feel good about them. J




1.When you’re vacuuming, strap that baby to your back vacuum away!  Your little babe will love moving around with you, you’ll sweep the carpets, and get a little exercise in too!

2.Put on a pair of socks and use your little tootsies to clean the baseboards as you walk around the house. *This hack was taught to me by my own mama.*

3.  Grab a pack of Cascade pure essentials ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent and throw one in the dishwasher. These little ActionPacs are SO easy to use. You place it in the dishwasher, and your dishes come out squeaky clean.  I feel so good using these ActionPacs because they are infused with biobased ingredients and made without phosphates or chlorine bleach!  *Use your MPerks app to get a $1 off coupon for Cascade pure essentials at Meijer!  And in honor of Earth Day, Meijer is giving us 30% off all pure essentials when we buy one for regular price! (4/14-4/20) Available at checkout.*

4.  If you need to get anything icky of your mirrors, baby toys, plates, etc. just use a drop or two of lemon essential oil. It will take the stick right off and you won’t be putting any nasty chemicals on the surfaces!

5.  *ONE OF MY FAVES* To make your stainless steel appliances glimmer and sparkle, dab on some coconut oil!

6.  Lemon oil is making its second appearance here! –To steam the microwave, add lemon essential oil and a half cup of water to a bowl, then microwave for about 8/9 minutes. This will steam your microwave and allow you to wipe away all the grime in one easy swoop.

7.  Speaking of grime, if you have any in your toilet bowl, throw a bag of green tea in and let it soak. Flush an hour or so later and that grime will be all gone!  Hollllaaa!

8.  Put a little basket by your stairs. This basket will be for all the things you keep wanting to take upstairs, but forget!  They’ve even come out with baskets shaped like a stair so that it fits right in.

9. Find a cleaning schedule that works for you! I like to write down a weekly list of things I want to get done each day and I won’t allow myself to sit down until I get those checked off my list!

10.  To clean your glassware mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil, 2 cups of water, and two tablespoons on vinegar.  And oh la, la your glassware is clean and glossy!


I hope these easy, safe, and reliable cleaning hacks help mom life become a little easier, momma.


One last piece of advice?  After you get done working your little mom booty off…take a break and turn on a reality show…or five.   Because you deserve it! J


Until next time mommas,




*This post is sponsored by P&G, but all opinions are my own.*

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