High Quality Low Priced Christmas Gifts at Gordmans

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Hey Mama!

It’s Christmas time which means giving.  Giving praise, giving love, and giving…..GIFTS!

If you’re looking for the perfect high quality and lowest priced Christmas presents, giiiiiiirlllllll, I got chu!

I went to Gordmans (which is about an hour away) to go Christmas shopping and was in shock at all the designer/name brand products that were at such low prices.   In fact, their motto is “All treasure.  No hunt.”  They literally have their prices at the lowest possible price point at all times.  SIGN ME UP FOR THAT, PLEASE!  I shopped at Gordmans all the time in college, so I knew that our hour long drive would be very much worth it.

First of all, Gordmans is HUGE. They have baby/women/mens fashion, home decor, cosmetics, kitchen utensils, and so much more.  I could have spent hours in the store going up and down each aisle.

However, with the time I did have, I found some amazing little gifts that I can’t wait to share with you.  Gifts for the hubby, gifts for the babies, and gifts for mom/friends.

**************Mom, you can stop reading now**********************

Okay mamas, we spent a total of $180.00 and got everything below.  I am beyond thrilled that I almost got all of my shopping done for Christmas in one fast swoop. *insert happy dance — but with a little sass*

Rhett– two pairs of comfy cozy pajamas, a button down shirt, corduroy pants, a sweater, and a toy

Ross– oversized Cubs sweatshirt, Notre Dame baseball hat, and a Notre Dame long sleeved shirt (He’s obsessed with sports *eye roll*)

Friend– activewear and a stainless steel water bottle (Perfect for the yogis)

Mom- oversized entry mirror (If you watched my instastories, I showed you this mirror.  Gordmans has an abundance of oversized mirrors at crazy low price points. If you’re looking to place a mirror in your home, I would definitely suggest looking into Gordmans.)

Me– Okay, okay….I couldn’t resist, I got myself a tiny present too.  It was just too tempting.  A PINK SANTA MUG!!!

Honestly, looking back at all the fun gifts I was able to buy for so many people, makes me feel great.  I was able to get high quality gifts, but for a lower price point.

I will be going back to Gordmans for my gifts every year!  If you have one near you, I BEG you to go check it out.  It is a gold mine, mama!

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