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A few days after Ross and I found out we were pregnant, I realized that not only would we get to decorate a nursery, but we would also get to finally decorate our GUEST ROOM!  Since moving into our new home last Summer, we decided we needed to decorate one room at a time and we originally put off decorating the extra bedrooms. Buuuuutttt, when we found out there was going to be a little bundle of joy in our home, we decided the timing was right to create our guest room.

We needed a guest room because we planned on having our parents over to stay to help with baby Rhett.  We also have friends from out of town that planned on coming in and staying.  This meant, momma got to create and decorate! 🙂

#ad Leesa Mattress, DHR Furniture, and Nuloom sent their products to me in exchange for 100% honest review. 

Before I started buying and picking out pieces for the room, I wanted to come up with a “feeling”, not necessarily a “theme”.  I wanted whoever entered to feel a sense of calmness and relaxation.  I also wanted to add a few pieces with color that would pop.  I chose to go with grays, as well as pops of blues and pinks.  Below I’ve listed some of the key pieces we added to our room to make it homey, cute, modern, relaxed!  I’m so excited to finally reveal to you…. our guest room!


The first staple piece that we wanted for the room was a cozy and comfortable mattress.  When you have guests stay over, you want to make sure they are comfortable and happy.  What better way to make them happy then to almost literally have them sleep on a fluffy cloud.  The Leesa Mattress is honestly the softest, most comfortable mattress I’ve ever laid on.  The moment I laid (more like jumped, ha) on it, I knew we made the best decision in regards to what mattress to get.  The Leesa Mattress has three foam layers: cooling, contouring, and supportive.  The mattress literally contours to your body, while keeping you cool and supported.  Leesa Mattresses are made in the US and for every ten sold, they donate one to a shelter in need.  If you are in the market to buy a new mattress, be sure to check them out, you won’t regret it.  They even have a satisfaction guarantee within one hundred days!  Now, all I need to do is convince Ross that that mattress has to STAY in the guest room.  We’ve both been taking cat naps in there recently, because…duh!  Haha!

Another staple piece we added to the room is the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Armchair from DHP Furniture.  We absolutely love this statement chair for the guest room.  We chose to get the chair in a gray color and it’s perfect!  Adding a statement chair to a room adds a sense of relaxation and “homeyness”…is that a word?  If not, it should be. We wanted our parents to be comfortable and be able to relax after a long day of taking care of a baby, haha.  Using the chair to read a good book and drink a cup of coffee is what I had in mind.  I know my guests have taken full advantage of the chair, as have I.  When I need a little “me time”, I hang out in the chair, curl up with a good book and simply relax.  Like I said in my instastories, we all know men have “their chair” that they spend all kinds of time in to relax and watch tv.  Why can’t us girls have our own to chairs to hang out on?  Mother’s Day is coming up and if you’re in the market to buy momma a gift, this chair would be perfect!  It is totally unconventional and not something your mom would ever think she would receive on her special day.  She could put it in the best little nook in her house and spend a little time each day relaxing and doing HER thing!  This chair is one of my favorite places to be in our home!

This rug by Nuloom is perfect for a guest room.  The rug is super soft and durable and is a great price!  I was able to look through their website and pick out the rug that would best fit our room and this was definitely my favorite.  I love the neutral colors and fun print of this rug.  It simply can go with any theme you are doing in a room!  Adding a statement piece like a rug into a room really can change its look and add that extra sense of warmth.  If you are looking for rugs, be sure to check out Nuloom’s affordable pieces!

We didn’t want to add TOO much to the room, but we did want to buy a small dresser/end table so that our guests could use it to put their clothing items in and have a place to set down their smaller items.  We got the dresser at a local shop that sells overstocked items.  Some pieces you just don’t have to go all out on and this was something we didn’t think needed the extraness, haha.

On top of the dresser I put a faux plant from TJ Maxx and a candle from Lafco.  I absolutely love Lafco’s candles. Their candles are made from essential oils and natural fragrances.  All of the glass jars are handblown in the United States.  What I really love about the candles is that each one states what room that fragrance would go best in.  For example, the Cilantro Orange might go best in the kitchen.  The pillows and print are also both from TJ Maxx.  Tj Maxx has the best little pieces for decorating your home, but I’m sure you already knew that. 🙂

This room is one of my favorites in our house now.  It is definitely made for our guests, but it’s kind of like my get away room in sense as well.  I love going in there to relax and just do my own thang! 🙂

If you’re creating a guest room or have already created one in your home, what were some statement pieces that you put in the room?

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