Chandeliers Make a House Feel like a Home

This post is sponsored by Hudson Valley Lighting.

Hey ladies!  So most of you know that last year Ross and I built our very first home.  We are so in love with it, but have had some trouble making it feel like “home”.

We’ve added frames, wall decor, and paint to make it feel homey.  But it just didn’t, untilllll…..our CHANDELIERS from Hudson Valley Lighting came along.

Hudson Valley Lighting sent over two of their most beautiful chandeliers for us to put into our home.  We chose the Allendale 3244-AGB in aged brass for our dining room and the Allendale 3606-AOB in aged bronze for our foyer!

Our dining room is the very first thing a guest sees when they walk in.  We wanted it to feel warm, cozy, airy, and inviting!  The colors for this room are whites, golds, blues, and hints of purple.  Very untraditional, but very me.  We have a huge gold mirror and a big mural filled with golden sparkles, so picking a gold chandelier was a no brainer for us (me), haha!

We decided on the circular aged bronze (looks black) chandelier as our grand view when you walk in the home.  We have a very tall foyer, so we wanted something to really pop when you walked in our home.  This chandelier does the trick magically.  If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll notice that we have black wrought iron staircases.  We wanted to go with the aged bronze chandelier to match.  In fact, most of our house is either black or white, so this one was a no brainer as well.

We love how the chandeliers have transformed our home into a space that is inviting, cozy, airy, and yet.. simplistic.  These chandeliers put off the perfect lighting for those warm cozy nights coming up.

If you’re looking for a show stopper in your house to really set the mood you want to have, check out Hudson Valley Lighting’s chandeliers.  You’ll have so many choices because they have the perfect fit for every home.

PS-  I’ve already pictured Rhett trying to swing on the chandeliers when he gets older…. tips on that one? Hahaha!

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