Do These Baby Products Come in My Size?

Hey there mamas, mamas to be, and all those gals who just like hearing about baby things. (That was totally me for years :))

I wanted to put together a post featuring four different items from different brands that I am so excited to use with our baby boy!  Things that I seriously wish came in adult sizes.  Although, I imagine it wouldn’t neccesarily be publically acceptable to be swaddled in a Dock a Tot or laying side to side in a cart, but eh, I embarass myself all the time anyway, why not continue the tradition.

The DockATot

First of all, isn’t this piece just so beautiful?! I’ve known since the week we were pregnant that I wanted to get our little guy a DockATot.  I kept seeing them all over the internet, and once I clicked and read what it does, I was HOOKED.  A DockATot is a lightweight, 100% cotton, snug dock, hand made in Europe for little baby to lay in.  You can set the babe in the dock when you’re relaxing, blow drying your hair, or he’s having supervised tummy time!  I’m most excited to bring the DockATot with me to the grandparents, friends’ houses, etc.  It will provide him comfort and make it easier on me to make sure he is safe and happy!  He’ll be able to lounge, play, and sleep in the DockATot while mommy can stare at him and enjoy a nice conversation with grandma.

In regards to picking out the style of the DockATot, I had to go with the Fairytale Collection.  When I saw the marble print, I knew it was the one.  Ross surprisingly loved it too, I definitely thought he would want to go with a print more “manly” though, HA! I won that one! We are so excited to use the DockATot with baby boy and are excited to update you on how he likes it!

The Binxy

Before I saw the Binxy, I didn’t even know something this exciting could exist.  I’ve never seen the Binxy in action at a grocery store, granted I haven’t really taken the time to observe since a few months ago this baby boy hadn’t made his appearance yet!  After reading the reviews online and taking time to really do my research, I knew that having the Binxy was going to make my life and baby’s life a whole lot easier.  The Binxy is a safety tested, cart hammock that you can attach to almost any shopping cart. You can strap your baby inside and know that he is going to be safe and there will still be tons of room in the cart for all your groceries (cough* makeup* cough).  I love the idea of just taking the little babe out of his car seat, whipping out the Binxy from my diaper bag and gently placing him safely on the hammock for the shopping trip.  It definitely will save a lot of time from having to bring in his car seat, as well as save my arms some lifting pain. 🙂

Lorena Canals Rugs

The third item that I am just falling in love with more and more every day is the Puffy Dream Blue rug by Lorena Canals.  This is my DREAM rug for the nursery!  Since our theme is clouds, stars, and adventure, I knew the moment I saw this rug, it had to be the one for baby boy’s room.  The cloud design is so pretty, along with the little white pillow touch.  Once I got the rug home, I of course had to pretend it was a blanket and make sure it was soft and cuddly for my baby.  Well, decision made…it is SO soft and durable, I just can’t wait to get it all set up in the room (Once Ross finishes painting the nursery *ahem*).  One thing I really enjoy about Lorena Canals Rugs is that the rugs are machine washable, which means easy clean up.  If it ever gets dirty, I can just throw it in the wash and it will come out clean and ready for us to use again.  This rug is hand-made without any toxic dyes and is 100% cotton.  These are all major wins in my book.  Once the little guy arrives, I will HAVE to post a picture of him lounging on his cloud rug being the little angel he is!

The Ollie World

Swaddles have to be one of the cutest baby items ever!  In fact, if they came in my size, I would want one too!  The Ollie World sent over their light blue velcro swaddle and it’s every bit of amazing I thought it’d be.  The swaddle is super soft and allows for an individualized fit for each and every little baby!  The material is made of moisture wicking technology, which basically means the fabric pulls away from the body, and reduces sweat and rashes.  It’s also super convenient because you can do quick and easy diaper changes while the little one is still in his swaddle.  I love the simplicity of the swaddle color as well.  Seeing my little guy all wrapped up in a blue swaddle is something that I’ve always kind of pictured in my mind.  There are so many options out there, but I know this swaddle will be one of my favorites, especially during the summer months!

Alright, so I have to know, if any of these products came in adult size, which would you want/need the most?  I can’t wait to let you know how these products specifically work for my baby boy.  In the mean time, stay tuned for some other fun baby posts!

Until next time,


Full Disclosure: All products in this post were sent to me, however, all opinions are completely and 100% my own.  As you all know, I would NEVER speak about a product I do not fully back and support.  Love you guys!

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