Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

It’s HERE!  Baby boy’s nursery reveal is finally ready to share.  It feels like we’ve been dreaming, creating, and putting together his nursery decades.  We’re so excited to finally have it complete and ready for little Rhett to enjoy!  I can’t wait to share with you all the amazing little trinkets, details, and ideas we’ve put into his room!

We went back and forth with the theme idea for days before finally deciding on stars/clouds .  There are so many cute ideas out there, but we wanted to go with something as unique as possible.  We loved the idea of clouds/stars/nature because it’s adventurous and of course SO CUTE!

We went with grays, blues, and golds as the bold colors in the room.  We love this room because it gets so much light and seriously just makes our hearts so full.

I tried to link as many of the products as I could below!  Some products in this post were sent to me in exchange for an authentic review.  If the product was sent to me,  I put a * next to the name of the product.  Please know all opinions are 100 percent authentic and my own.  Please also know that there were plenty of products that I sent back to companies during the nursery decor period because they were not what we were looking for or not up to standards. You know I keep it REAL with you all. 🙂


We wanted the decor on the walls to be crisp and fresh.  When we saw the clouds on Project Nursery’s website and we were SOLD!  We knew the clouds would look perfect with a light gray paint (Polar Star by Valspar).  The decals were easy to stick on to the wall and smooth out as we went.  When we were sticking them to the wall, we were trying to be super casual about just sticking them on and not worrying too much about placement.  The imperfect look of the wall is what we were going for and we love, love, love how it turned out!

Cloud Decals*

Our mirror is from Homegoods.   Believe it or not, this was the one thing Ross and I could not agree on at all!  I wanted a gold mirror and he didn’t want a mirror at all… at first.  What is with men not liking mirrors, though? Anyway, after a few trips to many different stores, we FINALLY both fell in love with this mirror and thought it was a perfect fit for the room!

Mirror – Couldn’t find the exact one, but this one is very similar.

The mobile above the crib is a Target purchase.  The mobile is actually fairly big and we just love all the cute clouds.   It’s actually fairly inexpensive in comparison to many mobiles out there.  Rhett LOVES it too.  When we’ve put him in the crib for a minute or two, he stares and stares at them.


And last but not least, the pictures on the wall are from Etsy!  I wanted to put something colorful above his bed and decided to print a few pictures and frame them.  I love that they still go with the theme but add that punch of color.  I’m not really a big fan of the black frames, so I’ve already bought shiny gold frames to replace them.  The gold will match with our lamps in the room and just add en extra sense of pop!

Rain print 

Sunshine Print

The black frames were from Dollar General.  The new gold shiny frames I bought are linked here.



We looked and looked and looked for the PERFECT furniture pieces for the room.  We decided on the Jenny Lind set that we got from Project Nursery and Target!  I read so many reviews on furniture that it’s not even funny, haha!  These pieces had wonderful reviews and look completely timeless.  Jenny Lind furniture has been around for a long time, so we knew that we trusted the pieces.  I love the wood look with the wooden spindles.  Simple and classic.  Our next decision was to pick the color.  We went back and forth between black and white, but since a lot of the room was white, we went with the dark finish for the crib and changing table.


Changing Table

We received our crib mattress from Colgate Mattress!  The mattress is called the ZenBaby 2 and we love it for so many reasons.  The first being that there are two different sides to mattress so that little Rhett can sleep on one side when he’s and infant and the other side when he’s a toddler.  The mattress is super plush and is chemical free, woo hoo!  It’s been safety certified, which was super important to us since little babe will be sleeping on it nightly coming up.   When we went to look at mattresses at Buy Buy Baby, the woman showing us around strongly suggested getting a Colgate Mattress, so we were sold on the idea of putting this one in the crib!


Our nursery glider is from Delta Children.  We sat in so many chairs at the baby stores and I never really fell in love with any of them.  When we sat in this chair, we knew it was going to go great in Rhett’s room.  It is the perfect color and so so comfy, which is necessary when you’re rocking that precious little babe to sleep.  The Livesmart fabric is perfect for me because it can easily be cleaned.  WONDERFUL for when I spill my Diet Coke all over it.  I already know that will happen at least once…probably ten times, haha!  The chair is super comfy and quiet as you swivel around. I don’t know about you, but when I sit on some of those swivel chairs for more than a few minutes, I get super nauseous.  Blah!  I have bounced, spun, and chilled in this chair for hours already and haven’t had that sick feeling at all.  If you’re looking for a nursery chair, this one is uh-maze-ing!

Nursery Glider*

Anddddd last but not least in regards to furniture is the dresser and the bookshelf.  Guys, that bookshelf is from college, haha!  It’s super flimsy and not the best, but totally works for the room right now.  We are just storing little toys and his books there for now.  When we are ready to buy a new bookshelf, we will probably buy something super similar but a little less flimsy, eek!  The dresser is from none other than Target!  We really liked adding the pop of white into the room and found the perfect piece at Target.  It didn’t come with handles, so we bought those at Ikea and somehow, someway, Ross was able to put those on.  I’m clueless about how to do those things, HA.  That’s what boys are for, heyyyy!


So, something that we are going to keep on the dresser is our favorite baby monitor!  We received the iBaby Care M7 from iBaby and we are so thrilled with how well it works and all of the features the monitor has.  First of all, it was super important to us to have a monitor to watch baby boy when we weren’t sitting there staring at him, haha!  We wanted to have a monitor where we could see him on our phones, so that we always have access to him.   What we really love about iBaby is that the monitor has infrared vision and 2 way audio.  Which means we can see him when it’s completely dark and be able to soothe him back to sleep with our voices.   I would like to say that I could soothe him back to sleep by singing, but that probably would just scare him honestly, lol!   You can, however, play soothing lullabies through the monitor so that he can go right back to sleep.  The monitor also lets you know the air quality, temperature, and humidity in the room, which is super nice.  There are so many more features on the iBaby monitor, but those are definitely are favorites so far!  A definite must have monitor!

iBaby Care M7 Monitor*




Adding little decor pieces around the room was the most fun part of the whole process for me!  I am going to try to link everything below so that you can go directly to the site!

One piece in the room that melts my heart is the button tree.  I made this years ago before Rhett was born (obviously, haha).  One day I decided that I wanted to make a little art for my unborn kiddo and this idea popped up.  It took a few days to do, but it turned out perfect.  I am so glad that I kept it and that it found it’s place in Rhett’s nursery.

Cloud decor Candle Homegoods

Cloud rug*

Cuddle and Kind Bear*

Bear and Owl Rattles 

Cloud sheet

Custom name banner*

Ceiling light

LampThis one was on clearance at Target for $10, so I doubt they are still available, but I found similar ones here.

World map

Elephant storage

Welcome to my Crib Hobby Lobby

Until next time,



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