22 Month Update


So… I know the monthly updates usually end when babies turn one.  However, there are so many mamas that follow our blog and have babies around Rhett’s age…. or obviously one day will have babies at 22 months, haha.

My goal this year was to start writing more.  I LOVE to write, but kind of fell out of it the past few months.

I know that I love reading monthly updates for Rhett and figured some of you mamas may like reading them too! 🙂

So here we go, casual style!

22 months:

Rhett just started running!  He falls down often, but gets right back up!

His favorite foods are *meal* (oatmeal), *tikees* (cookies), and *mac* (mac & cheese).

He wants to hold my hand every car ride.

When he’s mad, he yells, “MAMA!”

Rhett looooves baths, but only if the water is running. Haha.

Toy Story is literally his favorite topic in the world.   His favorite movies, favorite toys, favorite words.

When he wakes up from his naps, he sits and plays…never cries.  So, we have to constantly be watching the monitor.

He just started telling us when he goes number two.  Still processing that one.

The child LOVES dogs.

He giggles any time it’s cold outside.

He knows how to make a pouty lip & does it often to be cute. 🙂

He absolutely despises blankets.  The moment we put one on him, he says, “no no” and pushes it off.  lol

Ross and I have to spell certain words now because Rhett will know exactly what we’re saying.  (Even if we whisper it, haha.)

Rhett finally was able to go down the slide on his own this month.  His core is getting stronger.

He’s still working on being able to climb up onto the couch.

When we ask for kisses, he leans his forehead in.  He will only actually kiss us if Ross and I give each other a peck first.

He loves puzzles.

Whenever any one goes to get Rhett out of his crib, he runs around on the mattress or fake sleeps.  It’s the cutest.

He is all about FaceTiming our family.

He holds my phone up to his ear and says, “Hewwooooo?”

He does not like to get his diaper changed.  It’s a struggle sometimes.

He just had RSV for the second time.  Ugh.  My poor baby.

Rhett’s favorite play time activity is to play ball.

Current favorite words & phrases:  no no, yes, mama, daddy, eat, watch, sit, bird, dog, wawa (water), thank you, here you go,  uh oh, cheese, upstairs, downstairs, *all the Toy Story characters Buzz, Woody, Rex, Bo Peep (pepe), Forkie, Jessie*, up, down, ride, slide, baby Rhett, shower, truck, chu chu, car

Whew!  That was a big update. More blog content to come soon!


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