New Year – New Us


Every single January, we set out to be a better version of ourselves.  Working out, seeing the world in a positive light, and freshening up our home decor is usually at the top of our lists.

Our little family is no different.  January gets us excited to start fresh and really focus on our goals for the year.

I am so excited to parter up with Gordmans and bring you all the fun things we were able to buy to help us meet our goals for the new year.

Ever since having a baby, I’ve been off and on with eating right and working out.   It’s so hard to stay consistent, but at the beginning of January, I decided it was time to stick to it.  Honestly, most of my old workout gear is either too little from pre pregnancy or too big from when I was pregnant and bought clothes to work out in for a grand total of like… five times, hahaha!

So, when we went to Gordmans, buying workout clothes was on the top of my list!

Let me start by saying, that I’ve been an avid Gordmans shopper since I was in college.  Gordmans delivers DEEPLY discounted items that they buy from speciality retailers with extra inventory.  So, for us, this means that we get the biggest discounts retailers can give.  Score, baby!

Ross and I went in thinking we would get a few workout things, and maybe a new outfit or two for little Rhett.  But… we were blown away by the amount of items they had and all the cute and comfy choices!  So…we got our SHOP ON!

For Rhett—  Since Rhett just keeps on growing, he needed new pajamas and this cute little set was $5.99!  Holla!  I love simple neutral colors for his clothes because you can add a cute hat and pair of shoes and yay, easy & cute outfit!

We also got Rhett a matching “mommy and me” outfit that we are wearing in our instagram picture.  🙂 . And, of course daddy had to get Rhett the little basketball outfit for summer.  SO CUTE!


For Ross-  He ended up getting a workout shirt, workout pants, resistance bands, and a casual black sweater for date nights and looking fly.

And for me….I ended up getting two pairs of workout leggings, a long sleeved workout top, a zip up hoodie, and a yoga mat!  I am SO IN LOVE with these pieces and you just can’t beat that we got them at a discounted rate too, hehe!

If you have a Gordmans near you, you should totally go take a look at all the possibilities.  We are so excited to wear our new gear and get our work outs onnnnn.  I have no doubt that as we continue to work on our goals, we will get to where we want to be.

Thank you Gordmans for providing the inspiration and products to help us get our fit on in the new year.

Until next time,


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