Hi there, mamas!  My name is Katelyn and welcome to my blog.  I’m so glad you’re here!

I’ll start by introducing myself… I’m a 30 year old imperfect mama.  I’m a lover of fashion, beauty, and life in general. I grew up in Indiana and attended Purdue University.  I studied elementary education and am currently a full time teacher and blogger!  I married my husband, Ross, in June of 2016.  He is the most amazing man on earth and I still cannot believe he chose me to be his wife.  We have the sweetest little toddler in the world.  Let’s be honest though, he is probably the real reason you’re here anyway. 🙂

I’ve been an avid writer my entire life.  I started writing when I was young in my “secret diary”.   At that time, it was mostly about boy crushes & my favorite Lip Smackers.  As I grew up, I continued to write about my daily life, and now have journals upon journals full of memories and feelings that made me who I am today.  Continuing my adoration of writing into my adult life came very naturally to me.  Nowadays, I love writing about being a mom, lifestyle, marriage, fashion, and beauty. PS- I could still potentially write about Lip Smackers one of these days. 🙂 When I’m not blogging, you can usually find me playing with Rhett, taking a walk, eating mozzarella sticks, reading a good book, or arguing over what t.v. show to watch with Ross.

On the flip side of things, I’ve not always been as in to fashion and beauty as I am today!   At the age of 23, I started to play around with makeup and put more thought into my outfits than I had done in high school and college.   I guess before, I just wore whatever was out there.  I didn’t think much about it and didn’t realize the creative world that fashion was.  Fashion and beauty isn’t something showy or materialistic to me.  To me, it displays my personality, mood, and creativity.  My whole family is artistic in some way, and I always thought that gene had skipped over me.  At the time, it really bothered me because I loved doing artistic things, they just never turned out the way I pictured it in my mind (you should see my drawings, hehe).  I began posting beauty and fashion tidbits here and there on my personal instagram and one day it hit me….This was MY art!  The moment I saw fashion and beauty as something deeper than surface level, I realized that this is where my artistic side was hiding.   I finally felt that creative purpose and now I get to share it with you!  So here I am, happy as I can be that I finally found my calling and that you’re part of my journey!

Fun Facts About Me…

  • Being a mama is literally my favorite thing in the world
  • Yoga keeps me sane
  • Well, pizza keeps me sane too
  • I love to read
  • I could sit for hours and watch Youtube videos
  • Painting my nails is probably my least favorite thing to do
  • Lavender is the best scent in the world
  • I didn’t ever think I wanted to be married, until I met my husband of course 🙂 (that has it’s own story)
  • I enjoy watching cooking shows, but I don’t like to cook…is that weird?

This blog is all about being an imperfect mom and I want to thank you for sharing this beautiful adventure with me!

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